Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Gamma Awards

I won a Gamma Award, which is very cool considering that I didn't know a) that there were Gamma Awards and b) that I had been nominated for a Gamma Award.

But here's what Josh Jackson wrote:

"Paste won a slew of awards tonight at the Gammas (celebrating the best magazines in the Southeast), including Magazine of the Year. But one of them I'm particularly proud of — a bronze award for Andy Whitman's essay on Dylan. One of the best reasons we saw to start Paste was to share Andy's writing with the world, and it's great to see his work recognized. Congrats, Andy.

Josh Jackson
Paste Magazine
Signs of Life in Music, Film and Culture"

These folks have been nothing but kind to me, and here's more evidence.

I'm thrilled for Paste, and I'm kind of hoping that I get a little bronzed Gamma Ray Gun in the mail sometime soon.


Brian Estabrook said...


Do you have a link to the essay so we can all read it (again)?

Andy Whitman said...

Thanks, Brian. Here's a link to the essay:

John McCollum said...

Congratulations. Great essay.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Andy. Well deserved. Just when I fear that there is nothing new in music that will wow me, you unearth something that does. Son Lux is your latest. Keep on spreading the good word my friend.

btw, my daughter has asked how my friend from Ohio was doing. So, how are you feeling these days???

Anonymous said...


Andy Whitman said...

Gar, I'm doing fine. Thanks for asking. And please thank your daughter as well.

When docs start doing biopsies, there is some trauma. Fortunately, the biopsies turned out to be negative. Right now I'm taking a bunch of medicine to keep my prostate from turning into the size of a grapefruit. It's still bigger than it should be, and it's very likely that I have surgery in my future. It's one of those occupational hazards of growing older, at least for many men. It could be much, much worse.

But I'm doing fine, and truly thankful every time I whiz on my own. This is something I never envisioned at twenty, but it's true.

Brian Estabrook said...

That essay is incredible.

Great job!

Natsthename said...

Congratulations, you deserve to get an award, even if it's unexpected!