Friday, October 16, 2009

Cancer Sucks

O, cancer, how I hate thee.

For those of you who are praying types, please pray for my sister Libby, who has Stage 4 breast cancer, and who will be undergoing tests in the next few days to determine the progress (what an inappropriate word that is) of the disease, and for my friend Joe, who has inoperable stomach cancer that has spread to other organs of his body. In both cases, there are spouses and kids involved, and in Joe's case, there's a kid on the way as well.

There are no words. But there is great sadness. And love. I believe in miracles, and I'm praying for a miracle. Still, there is great sadness and love.


Pilgrim said...

Have you read the article on the faith of Chris Spielman and his wife as they face a continuing battle with cancer? A link to the Canton newspaper article was twittered by OSUMC earlier this week. Very touching.

hallga77 said...

Prayers for miracles from here too.