Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hallelujah the Hills -- Colonial Drones

Boston's Hallelujah the Hills release their sophomore album Colonial Drones today. If you were one of the 73 people who listened to and liked Collective Psychosis Begone, the debut, you'll like this one too. I did, and I do. It's more of the same indie angst and angular guitars, with cellos and trumpets thrown in for good measure. Members of Titus Andronicus help out. If anything, the new one is a little more focused, and lead singer/songwriter Ryan Walsh's songs are acerbic, and sometimes quite humorous in a self-deprecating way. They remind me of a slightly more ramshackle Beulah, with typically literate, sadsack lyrics:

Church bells ringing out commercials for Jesus
Future ex-girlfriends all promise to leave us

Life is tough. But at least it's tuneful.

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