Monday, January 05, 2009

At the Zoo

Pitchfork has weighed in on the new Animal Collective album Merriweather Post Pavilion, awarding it a 9.6 rating out of 10. Stereogum ha also weighed in, informing us that this will be the "Best Album of 2009." On January 5th.

Not so fast. The zoological shenanigans have just begun. We have yet to hear the new albums from Grizzly Bear, The High Llamas, Deertick, Deerhoof, Wolfmother, The Eagles of Death Metal, Republic Tigers, Frightened Rabbit, Unbunny, Doleful Lion, Pedro the Lion, Dr. Dog, Snoop Dogg, Cat Power, Mountain Goats, Caribou, Fleet Foxes, Band of Horses, Foal, The Wrens, Simian Mobile Disco, Gorillaz, The Jayhawks, The Black Crow(e)s, Birdmonster, Danger Mouse, Modest Mouse, Mastodon, Jesus Lizard, Lambchop, and the sheeplike Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes). We have a long way to go yet to determine the wildest of the musical wild kingdom.

In my opinion, SF band Or, the Whale has released the best zoologically-themed album thus far in 2009, and Eleni Mandell, human, has released the best album thus far.


Anonymous said...

LOL. Kudos on the last phrase!

Anonymous said...

I just don't get the craziness surrounding these guys. Must be something I've shows, legendary stories, whatever...Its like they could release some abient pop album with nothing but samples of farts and Pitchfork and the like would credit it as the best album since Kid A.


Andy Whitman said...

I don't really get it either, Teddy. I think AC are creative. I think they're doing some new things. But they offer a sound that I admire more from a distance. I don't particularly want to spend time listening to the music, you know?

Anonymous said...

Great to hear about Eleni's new album. In fact I thought her last one was one of the best of 2007. I've always been a big fan and look forward to the new one. Hope she gets some proper recognition. Jeff

Andy Whitman said...

I'm a big Eleni fan as well, Jeff. And she's getting a full-page spread and a glowing review in the upcoming issue of Paste, courtesy of me. I hope that constitutes proper recognition. Nothing (well, okay, I can think of a couple things, but still ...) would please me more than if more people discovered Eleni's wonderful music.