Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Irene Krupp, 1916 - 2008

1916. World War I was underway. The automobile was still a newfangled invention, and most people didn't own one.

She lived a long life, and a good life. She's still gone too soon. It is always this way. She died earlier this afternoon. I'd appreciate your prayers, particularly for my wife and her family, over the next few days.


Anonymous said...

I'll pray for you and your family, Andy. May you be comforted by God's presence.

scott said...


Living the Biblios said...

May her life and the promise of the resurrection be your comfort and hope.

John McCollum said...

Rest in peace, Mrs. Krupp.

Anonymous said...

Just think of all the things, including the automobile, that Irene saw happen in her lifetime. More wars, the great depression, the growth of government, commercial air travel that enabled her to see so much of the world, most of the modern appliances we take for granted, the evolution of the telephone from "number please" to todays hand-held computers, speaking of which, computers and their evolution.

Most negatively, I suspect folks with Irene's grace and dignity used to be much more common-place than they are today. Maybe it's just me, but we subsequent generations seem to be much whinier and self-centered. I guess with progress also comes regress. Something to ponder...

Pilgrim said...

I think that the dying
pray at the last,
not please
but thank you
as a guest thanks his host
at the door.
---Annie Dillard
(from a poem in Tickets for A Prayer Wheel)

God bless and comfort your family.
I Corinthians 15