Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Rock 'n Roll Fashion Tips

This is a photo of Atlanta indie rockers Of Montreal. What happened? Who told them that Pocohontas was chic? And that guy on the right looks like he's ready to join William Wallace and the Scots army before he heads back to the library to work on his doctoral dissertation. This is a truly unfortunate look. Real freedom fighters don't wear glasses. Also, the guy on the left appears to be wearing a Saran Wrap wig/toga combo, with an Aztec placemat for a loincloth. Never mix 20th century consumerist culture innovations with ancient placemats. They clash badly.


Natsthename said...

It's like one of the Village People exploded into 6 smaller bits that grew!

Grant Wentzel said...

I took a Leap Of Faith on Of Montreal a year ago: I love them because they are absurd.

Haven't regretted the choice since.

(And that "Antartica" song makes for a sticky little earworm.)

Andy Whitman said...

Hey, Grant. Good to hear from you. I'd like to speak of South Dakota, not Of Montreal.

How's it going? How's the transition to the prairie (okay, to a place that is slightly more prairie-like than you left)?

Chloworm said...

A lot of the reason they're so great is because they don't give a shit what people think about their sense of style.