Thursday, July 17, 2008


Sometimes the lack of comments is disheartening. So in an effort to jumpstart the comments, I offer two proven winners:
1) Diapers: cloth or disposable?
2) Breast feeding or bottle?


Anonymous said...

1) Cloth diapers, but not the traditional kind. My wife and I have started using Bum Genius diapers, which.

2) Breastfeeding, all the way. But mainly because I'm selfish and it means that I get to sleep through the night (for the most part).

All that being said, one thing we've quickly learned with child rearing is that pragmatism rules the day. Sometimes, you just have to throw your ideals out the window and do whatever works.

mg said...

sorry andy, i feel your pain.

cloth is definitely better for the environment but more of a pain to clean. disposables are a must for a trip or if you're going to be out of the house all day.

and breastmilk...cheaper and better for you.

there you have it. glad to help.

Zena and Joshua said...

i think the state of the economics in this country is a travesty. if i didn't have complete and utter faith in capitalism, i might just move to the netherlands!

breastfeeding and disposable.


Anonymous said...

oh dear. i didn't quite realize how political baby-raising was until we got our own baby. we're so new to it, but i do know that i had certain ideas before she got here that have been adjusted. regarding cloth diapers - i have them, and fully intend to make the complete switch from disposable, but honestly, it's been so much easier to use disposable while we're just getting used to having a baby in the house. absolutely, breast is best, and it's difficult to argue with that, and it's what we're doing. however, breast can also be extremely difficult for some mothers and babies, especially if they don't have good support, and i've come to the conclusion that i'm not going to make judgments, particularly if the parents have really thought through whatever decision they've made.
i guess my basic point is that i had all of these dreams of being super-granola mom, but when it comes down to it, each family makes the decisions they need to survive with some level of sanity.


Anonymous said...

With regard to both topics, I say the woman has a right to choose.

CarolN said...

I think you are being a cheeky monkey here. But just in case you're not, I would love to hear your passionate opinions on these two riveting topics.

Andy Whitman said...

Carol, I am definitely being a cheeky monkey. I have no definite opinions other than, like Hayseed, I assume that most moms will figure out what works best for their kids and for them. And I'm fine with that. As Amy notes, survival and sanity are good things.

just scott said...

lack of comments, lol

Someone Said said...

1) Commando
2) Breast feeding

Morgan said...

Nope, I'm not commenting on that.

Living the Biblios said...

1) Disposable. The "environment" can survive a pooping 8lb kid.

2) Breast feed. Clearly the superior choice. Amazing how marketers made that which is best the secondary, frowned upon option.

Dad said...

My baby is 10 days old. We are trying water soluble diapers that are 100% renewable. They are made out of Peeps. Without the abrasive sugar coating of course.

We also decided that our child should only eat red meat, as the Bible says.

Anonymous said...

For both answers I am fed up with the P.C. opinions.
1)Disposable-so much easier to cope with but keep away from cheap brands. The expensive one's are better for environment because they last many hours without leaking.
2)Best is best. My wife was made to feel guilty so she breast fed,everyone unhappy. Baby not sleeping. On bottle-everyone happy. More content, happy, growing up with no sign of damage. But if you prefer other way great.

John McCollum said...

Great post about your dad, by the way.

erin k said...

I'm so conflicted. You clearly just want comments, not opinions, and yet...


'nuff said.

Nick said...

Chlorine-free disposable.


And amen to Opus' first comment. After just three weeks, we've found that the best offensive is to be able to roll with the punches and just do what you need to do.

Anonymous said...

I prefer diapers to no diapers if you need them. I don't. I drink milk from a glass.