Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Secret, Unpublished Job Market

One of my colleagues in my MBA program is now selling herself as a "career coach," and has sent me an email message advertising an upcoming seminar. One of the topics to be discussed is "Accessing the Secret, Unpublished Job Market."

What this suggests to me is that deep in the bowels of, say, The Pentagon, or perhaps The Louvre, there are technical writers still working, clandestinely employed on documenting our transition to socialism, or whatever it is the important people are up to these days. They're probably not paid well, but at least they're all paid the same. And this sounds much cooler than The DaVinci Code to me. I think I'll go. You think I'll be sharing the secrets with you poor, uninformed schleps? That's what the Pay-Per-View blog is for. A guy's gotta find some way to earn a couple extra dollars. But I'll say this: that dude is creepy. If I look like him after the secrets of the unpublished job market are revealed, you have my permission to fire me and ensure that I am never hired again.

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