Friday, June 06, 2008


Yesterday was one of the worst days of my daughter's life. Work sucked, and therefore life sucked, and it was hard to imagine that the next sixty or seventy years might provide a break from the unremitting gloom. You graduate from college, you work at a sucky job, and eventually you die.

This was in stark contrast to last week, where my daughter's job was the greatest, most fulfilling job ever devised by an HR department, the ideal meeting of employee and job description.

I am slowly adapting to the drama. One kid is home for the summer, the other will be home next week. The one currently still in school will bring her own drama with her. Life will resume the manic-depressive normalcy that I have known for the past twenty-one years.

I kind of got used to the peaceful, placid days where my wife and I looked around, basked in the silence, and thought, "Wow, life is merely okay, and that's okay." So now I have to adjust again. To the sound of dueling hair dryers in the mornings. To house keys being left in the outside lock. Overnight. To my CDs mysteriously disappearing, or being put back in the wrong alphabetical order, or CD cases being put back in the right place, but without the #&$# CDs inside, which I discover three months later when they're both back in school and they both totally deny all knowledge of wrongdoing. Hmm. Maybe I have my own dramatic issues to resolve.

Hey, I'm glad they're home, and coming home. Let the chaos and drama ensue. And it will.


scott said...

Our oldet comes home from OU in 9 days, diploma - and teaching job next fall!!! - in hand (her 2 younger siblings arrived from U. Toledo April 30).
Brace yourselves!

St. Izzy said...

There's a moment in an Anne Tyler novel where a teenager asks a parent with biting disdain, "was there some point in your life when you decided to be ordinary."

Me, I bask in ordinary nondescriptitivity.

Jo said...

This post did make me smile... it makes me think of almost every day of my life; bustling with chaos and yes, DRAMA!!