Tuesday, June 25, 2019


I provided the lunchtime entertainment at the large corporate headquarters today. I "awoke" (not really the correct word, since I wasn't asleep, and wasn't passed out) to find myself in the atrium, surrounded by EMTs, nurses, a couple security guards, and a few dozen gawkers and onlookers. I have no memory of how I got there or what might have happened. And THAT's an interesting phenomenon, too. I don't particularly recommend it.

Apparently, I was with it enough to communicate that I was a diabetic. They checked my blood sugar, found that it was 31 (translation: next to dead), put in an IV and pumped me full of glucose. Within a few minutes, my blood sugar had spiked in the other direction, but at least I wasn't going to die of hypoglycemia.

Now I'm home, and grateful to be home. This is fairly scary stuff, especially since I have no memory of the half hour before I woke up with a big needle in my arm. Ironically, I DO sort of know why it happened. I'm trying to lose weight. So I ate a very light breakfast, didn't eat a morning snack, and was headed back to my office to eat a regular lunch when all this happened. Moral: you can't take a normal dose of insulin and then semi-starve yourself. I need to make some lifestyle changes, but it's quite obvious that I need to make those changes under the careful supervision of my doctor.

Lesson learned, and thankful to be typing.

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