Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Today is the 35th anniversary of my "born again" experience, the day I "gave my life to Christ." I know this because I wrote about it when it happened, and I can look back and read what I was thinking at the time. Here are a few short thoughts on what I think about that experience now.

1) Becoming a Christian didn't solve all my problems, least of all the problem of being Andy Whitman.
2) I still haven't been zapped into holiness. I'm getting the impression that it's not going to happen. But I believe that holiness is possible. I believe that God changes me. And I believe that I have to deliberately put myself in places and surround myself with people to facilitate change.
3) Becoming a Christian didn't magically undo genetics and history. I wish someone could have clued me into this about 30 years sooner.
4) Change, real change, is slow. And difficult.
5) I need to give my life to Christ day by day, moment by moment. I do this imperfectly and sporadically. But I'm doing it better than I was a couple years ago.
6) I'm incredibly thankful for those who have put up with and loved the pre-zapped me. Since I don't envision being zapped anytime soon, I would respectfully request that you keep it up. I like it and appreciate it.


cnb said...

Happy anniversary, Andy.

roadkills-r-us said...

Well said, as usual.

One of the problems is that God works differently with each of us. Some seem to get zapped all over. Some get zapped in an area. Some get a temporary zapping to get us through the transition. And some seem to have to slog through it *all*. At least we're not slogging alone.

Regardless, once we get rid of our preconceived notions, or think it has to work just like it did for Nellie Ledbetter on channel 39 who got zapped and grew an extra set of arms so she can play bass and guitar at the same time, it really is awesome and worth it all.

And I think when we get past the baggage (such as thinking we should be Nellie Ledbetter, when she's female and we aren't), and can really see God more clearly, which allows us to see ourselves more clearly as He does, it gets a lot better.

Despite the problems of being Andy Whitman (I have a couple of my own as Miles O'Neal, believe it or not), you're awesome, and I'm so thankful to know you as my brother.

Awesome and loved. That's you. And me. Thank God. Literally.

Jason said...

Happy anniversary, Andy. I'm honored to have you as a brother, and your thoughts ring true. Thanks always for your words. I mean that.

Ashley said...

This entry is one example of why I like you so much.

Also, I just read this and thought of you: