Monday, March 23, 2009

Job Update

-- The Polish metal (as in gold and silver, not music) industry appears to be booming. Yet another company has offered me a lucrative salary and access to the Polish resorts.

-- I applied for a job in Jersey. Jersey, in this case, is a nine-mile-by-five-mile island in the English Channel, fourteen miles from the Normandy coast of France. If offered the job, I would at least consider it. Europe appears to be happening. As opposed to, say, Columbus, Ohio. Au revoir, Buckeyeville.

-- I have a couple friends of friends who might know about job openings that may be coming up sort of near home in industries for which I am at least tangentially qualified.

-- I am writing the Great American Novel. When it is published, you should buy it. This will allow me to feed my family.

-- I am working on my church's web site.

-- Typing in the words "communications" and "Ohio" in the or search engines reveals job openings for car mechanics. Go figure. Maybe it's because they know how to search engines. Otherwise, I'm missing the connection.


John McCollum said...

Try these guys yet?

Andy Whitman said...

Yep. And for a lot of money each month, they'll tell you about non-existent jobs that 5,000 people are "applying" for. The ladder leads down these days. Nobody's climbing up. Of if they are, they're being trampled by the rush of former corporate managers who would settle for pizza delivery jobs.

Anonymous said...

If you lived on the Isle of Jersey, would that make you a Jersey boy and Kate a Jersey girl?

Polish certificates of metal - I'm telling you, it's the next bubble. Where do I invest?

Seriously, I keep reading about horrible economic difficulties in Europe as well, especially Eastern, but also Ireland and the U.K. However, Jersey, like many obscure islands, might have some kind of tax haven or secret bank account action that props up the local agricultural economy (I think they gave the name to Jersey cows). You might find yourself in some ethical dilemmas.

Hang in there, bro.

Anonymous said...

I'll buy it. Is the great American novel about The Boss?