Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Gourds, Squashed

This is what happens when an album review gets translated to another language, and then re-translated back to English. I am thinking that I writed this not the way it appears in the paragraphs subsequent and later.


There's a drove out of Austin, Texas call The Gourds. It's organic and soulful. There be songs compactly otherwise unknown culture name Thurman. And near are rigid be enthusiastic about and unreturned love songs. They enjoy two front singers who fulfill impressively sheltered imitation of Levon Helm and Rick Danko from The Band -- simply two of the goo of the mask batter vocalists ever. There are songs about fossil.

They have a unsullied album called Haymaker!, which will be out rightly after the lead in the air of the year. It's probably their best album inside a prolonged vent of proper and excellent albums. All of which would lead you to agree to that they're a sort of weirdly teen, pop-culture-obsessed innovation accomplishment, which they are, but next they go around in the borough of and knock you out next to a correct unrequited love chant that sound hence gummy and full-strength and desperate that you'd give your declaration the singing page be textual in blood. Yeah, I know. There are songs about do rag. They have an accordion recitalist named Claude. They do what they've always done, free better. I've loved them in favour of years, but I always find myself to some extent faltering (or keyboard-tied) when I try to mark them and their music. Right presently it's at the pinnacle of my Best Albums of 2009 account. And the songs? They recite about flatulence, Star Trek, weather girls, Schoolhouse Rock, and Catwoman. They crop a sort of slush rock/boogie/Cajun/country conglomeration that doesn't eligible confidently within any of those niche. There's a miniature more of a Cajun force and of equal kind to idiotic more classic Levon Helm hillbilly wail this occurrence around. A twosome of them have skanky ZZ Top beard, beerguts, and form like they should be driving great rig. But I'll unmoving guarantee that it won't modify decomposed the list. --Paste Magazine's Andy Whitman Country / Alt-Country Haymaker!.


Anonymous said...

I recognized your inimitable style immediately

Joshua Duncan said...

Interesting, because whenever I'm going to buy a CD I always ask myself, "will this modify decomposed the list?" Thank you for answering that for me.

Andy Whitman said...

Joshua, I'll unmoving guarantee that. Also, they besmirch the Catwoman, flatulence, and associated aura of music. Usually. Sometime they use beergut and beards of ZZ Top to unique rock of excessive volume.

Anonymous said...

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