Thursday, April 10, 2008


I realize that it is the nature of music PR to engage in hyperbole. Every week I'm deluged with albums that, according to their accompanying press releases, will change my life and cause a seismic shift in western civilization. And here I just wanted to hear something with a good beat. But I'm currently puzzled by the number of press releases that assure me that the new album I hold in my grubby little hands is, in fact, #1 on the charts. What charts?, you may ask. Or you may not. How about #1 Indie on the Streetpulse Chart (the band Sword, for my curious and ever-expanding fanbase)?

What? What is the Streetpulse Chart? Where do these charts come from? Who charts them? How important are they? And is there a hierarchy of charts I should know about that would tell me that, for example, the Streetpulse Chart is put together by three teenaged kids with acne in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and may not be as significant as the Billboard Chart? Anybody know?


Anonymous said...

for any chartmaker x

x(chart) > n(charts)

where n = the current number of competing chartmakers charting the same variables as x

case in point: my chart 'bands that make great background music at work,' featuring stars of the lid in the #1 spot, is the best and most authoritative chart of its type anywhere right now.

Anonymous said...

It's "Them" Andy. You know, "Them"?

We all know who "They" are. The same people who've been coming out with a new movie since 1968.

Grant Wentzel said...

"Can anything good come out of Sioux Falls?"

I'll let you know in August... might even start my own chart when I get there, give these StreetPulser kids a run for their money, have myself a little rumble down on the prairie.

just scott said...

The Sword is...well...awesome. But "they" do talk a lot, don't "they"?