Monday, March 03, 2008

Son Lux -- At War With Walls and Mazes

Son Lux's (Ryan Lott's) debut album At War With Walls and Mazes has just been released. I've written about it here a couple times, and you'll find more of my thoughts in the upcoming issues of Paste Magazine and Christianity Today Magazine. The year is still young, but it will take some sort of miraculous effort to unseat this one as the best album of 2008. Beneath the icy chill is a warm heart, and it's the damndest collection of sounds (classical piano, hip-hop beats, gurgling synths, clattering trains, operatic divas) that you'll ever hear. It's also Exhibit A on how to make an album as a Christian, which is distinctly different from making a Christian album.

My friend Josh Hurst has just written a very fine review, which you'll find here.

And Pitchfork weighs in with a surprisingly positive review as well.


Anonymous said...

one of the albums i've a) not heard and b) been genuinely looking forward to this year. i may pick it up today.

Scott Meek said...

My Emusic downloads refresh tomorrow, and this will be the first album I get. I'm very excited to here it!

Scott Meek said...

Dang it, I pressed "Publish" and noticed I spelled "hear" wrong.