Wednesday, September 18, 2019

No America, It's Not Gonna Be Okay

From Christian pastor John Pavlovitz:

"I am a newly retired optimist.

I used to believe that things would be okay: that no matter how bad circumstances seemed in the world, I trusted that people would do the right thing, that goodness would prevail, that the rational center would hold.

I used to believe that our system of checks and balances would protect us from overreaching parties and mentally-unstable presidents and political leaders lacking a working moral compass.

I used to believe that most people were basically decent, and that this decency would win the day, because our shared humanity was something we were all equally interested in protecting.

I no longer believe those things."

I would add that I used to believe that it was a no-brainer that people who identified as Christians would be interested in following Christ, that there would be a well-understood consensus about the beliefs and behaviors that would constitute what that would look like, and that it would be better for people morally and spiritually to join a Christian Church in America than to stay home on Sunday morning and do the New York Times crossword puzzle. I no longer believe these things either, and it saddens me beyond words that I no longer believe these things.

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