Sunday, July 14, 2019

Racist Twats and Racist Tweets

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I know someone who is a racist twat. I haven't seen him in years, but I follow him from a wary distance as he routinely posts photos of Confederate flags, approvingly displays photos of George Soros in a Nazi uniform (note: Soros is Jewish, he was seven years old at the beginning of World War II and 13 when it ended, and his family fled Nazi-occupied Hungary in 1944), and casts derogatory aspersions on women in politics, particularly women who have ethnic names and non-white skin.

I don't want to hang out with the guy, and I have zero desire to spend time with him, but I follow him to stay in touch with a certain virulent strain of American. One could debate endlessly about what it means to be a member of the Trump Cult. I will say that this guy is a self-professed Trump fan. For him, Trump's racism isn't a bug, it's a feature. Trump tells it like it is. He says what everybody thinks, but has been afraid to say up until the past few years. He's a hero, nay, a Savior. And yes, this guy goes to church. A Christian church, or so he claims.

I do NOT believe that everyone who voted for Trump fits this profile. I do believe that some percentage of the Cult thinks in ways similar to the racist twat, and that the rest simply find it acceptable. Maybe not great, but not that big of a deal. Oh well.

Here is a screenshot of Trump's tweets from earlier this morning, which suggest that some brown-skinned American women politicians, American citizens and legally-elected members of Congress, should go back to where they came from, and should leave as soon as possible.

Earlier today, New York City mayor Bill de Blasio described these tweets as part of "a political strategy to keep people divided to the maximum extent possible."

For what it's worth, I absolutely believe that the strategy is working. I, for one, will not excuse these tweets, and I will not give Trump a pass on his racism. This is not the kind of country I want to live in. Consider me divided; divided from Trump, from those who admire him, from those who merely accept him, from those who shrug at blatant bigotry. I could not be more opposed to what you value, and what you blithely accept.

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