Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Book of Broooooce

The book of Broooooce is officially kaput. I thought it was going to happen for a while, but it didn't. I was working with an enthusiastic publisher, and I got as far as outlining the book and writing several sections of it, but ultimately the fine folks at the publishing company determined that it was difficult, if not impossible, to publish a book with a low, low retail price that was still chock full of photos (and about 100 pages of words from me).

So, all you publishing types out there, want to work with a reasonably articulate and highly opinionated Brooooce fan who has already got half a book in the can?


Bar L. said...

If I was a publisher I would !!!!

I love Brooooooooooooooce!

Unknown said...

Maybe a personal essay for IMAGE might keep the spirit of the project alive? E-mail me at if you're interested....