Sunday, April 28, 2019


Kate and I are on vacation next week. This one will be primarily a staycation, punctuated by a day-trip to Cleveland for the Art Museum, and a series of dubious activities that are part of the HoneyDo list.

But we do have these movie tickets. We need to use them. They are for a particular theater chain, one that has 16-screen multiplexes sprinkled throughout the Columbus area. This should not be that hard. But I have surveyed the movies on offer, and honestly, there’s nothing I want to see. Some animated stuff, at least half a dozen superhero films, a few horror films, and a film about a middle-aged cricket player attempting to make a comeback. It is a sad state of affairs when the cricket movie looks like it may be the best of the bunch.

But I have read many positive statements about the latest Avengers movie, “Avengers: To the End of Infinity, and Beyond!”  I don’t know these Avengers at all. I know the Avengers pictured above, and will confess to a lifelong crush on Emma Peel.  The Avengers currently featured appear to be superheroes in tight-fitting outfits. One Avenger is a hulking being with a deeply creased forehead. I’m worried, too. I have no idea who these beings are, but I do know that there have been some Avengers movies that have come before. So my question is this: would a person who knows nothing about the neo-Avengers and the universe they inhabit be able to appreciate “Avengers: To the End of Infinity, and Beyond!”? Would I be totally lost? And does Emma Peel sneak in, at least in a cameo role? Thank you for your advice. It’s either the neo-Avengers or the cricket movie. Help me out here.

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