Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Christianity Today's Best of 2009

There's our winner Sara Groves, looking like Molly Ringwald.

Christianity Today offers its take on the best albums of 2009.

These wouldn't necessarily be the albums I would select, but I think it's a fine list, and it's further evidence that CT is breaking out of the CCM box. I was happy to participate.


Ashley said...

I love Sara Groves. Her music's more on the pop end of things but that's ok because I like pop as much as everything else. What I love about Sara is that somehow each of her albums seems to focus on the same things I'm thinking about or struggling with at that period in my life.

I think it's easy to breeze past her and think there's not much content in her songs (not saying you are, but others sometimes do because of her sound), but she's got a lot more depth than many of the other CCM artists . . . PLUS she's got some really great musicians playing with her.

Her Nomad DVD is really great, too.

So . . . yay Sara!

Chris Slaten said...

I second Ashley and I'm happy to see that they awarded her the #1 spot.
I'm excited about this list: Buddy and Julie, BiFrost Arts, Joe Henry... This definitely seems like a good change in focus from years past.
Last year I was only excited about Ben Shive's CD making the list.

Kacie said...

I'd love to hear YOUR top albums!