Friday, August 05, 2011

Initial Thoughts on the New Hood

1) It's really bright in the middle of the city, even at 2:00 a.m. I wish I had not personally verified this on a Thursday night. I'm tired today.

2) One of our new next-door-neighbors, an old guy, said to me, "It's nice to have some older neighbors." Asshole.

3) It is evident, even on Day 2, that the books 'n music purge was not nearly deep enough. I have no idea where we're going to store the pared-down remnants.

4) There are black people and ethnic minorities in our lives now. Wow. Actually, I'm very glad about this.

5) Lawncare is a noticeably lesser concern. Some lawns probably haven't been mown in two weeks, and I haven't seen a single lawn that sports the cross-hatched/spreadsheet look that comes from mowing, and then immediately mowing again at a 90-degree angle.

6) People have front porches, not back porches. And they appear to use them. I've actually seen numerous neighbors, and talked to three of them.

7) I hate salmon-colored carpet, which we have in our upstairs spare bedroom. I hate salmon, for that matter. Nothing good comes from salmon.

8) Except for the upstairs spare bedroom, the rest of the house has beautiful hardwood floors. I like that a lot.

9) Certain boxes need to be found and unpacked ASAP. The one with my Kindle. The one containing the other three volumes of George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire. The one containing the new Lydia Loveless album.

10) We are within easy walking distance of restaurants, bars, parks, concert venues, church, and dozens of friends, as well as Methadone clinics, homeless shelters, halfway houses, Wiccans R Us shoppes, food pantries, and at least three tattoo parlors. And a university with 55,000 students, and all the attendant hoopla and craziness that entails. It feels like it might be home. I'm glad to be here.


roadkills-r-us said...

Excited for ya, bro. Sounds like an easy place to call home. Next time, mark the crucial boxes. Maybe wrap them in bright yellow paper and spray them with red glitter. Then bedazzle 'em, and attach blinking LEDs.

But yer still a little uptight. The old guy probably just doesn't know what to do with kids; he was happy to see someone who could at least remember Vietnam.

Anonymous said...

We're glad you're here too, Andy. Welcome to the 'hood!

John McCollum said...

Glad you're in Cville. Look forward to joining you.

Andy Whitman said...

I guess I need to include smilies, Miles. The "Asshole" comment was intended to be tongue-in-cheek, although I guess it's hard to tell in context. He actually seems to be a decent guy, and the fact is that I am old enough to remember Vietnam. It's not that I have any desire to be young and hip. I just don't particularly want to be old.

Anonymous said...

congrats on your move! enjoy the city! - Joel HH

Julia said...

Katryn told me that you and Kate were moving to Clintonville! Welcome to the hood, I'm currently living on E Kelso and I love it here.

Pilgrim said...

May you make many happy memoriea in your new home, good food, good music, good talk shared with friends.