Monday, October 18, 2010


If all goes as planned, I'll be heading to Chicago for a couple days later this month to hang with Mavis Staples. The interview should later turn into a big feature article for Christianity Today Magazine. I'm like a little kid on Christmas morning.

Can I say, as a married man, that I am in love with Mavis Staples? Open up, this is a raid.


Tom said...

You're a lucky man, Andy. I truly revere Mavis--what a remarkable woman.

You know that line, "Open up, this is a raid," is both very good and very, very Tweedy.

Andy Whitman said...

Tom, I am a lucky man. I know it.

And yes, that's very good Tweedy. For what it's worth, I wish Tweedy was writing songs for Wilco these days that were half as good as "You're Not Alone." What a marvelous song.

cnb said...

Terrific song, and terrific performance on that video. Good luck, Andy.