Thursday, March 03, 2011

Too Good To Be True?

Apparently not.

That's Richard Thompson and Buddy Miller performing together, singing Richard's song "Keep Your Distance."

Baseball nerds play the "What If" game and imagine what it would have been like if, say, Babe Ruth had teamed up with Willie Mays and Albert Pujols. Music nerds play the "What If" game and imagine, oh, Robert Plant performing with Buddy Miller, or Buddy Miller and Richard Thompson teaming up on a duet.

Wait ... that really happened?

Yes, it did. But you had to be on the Cayamo Cruise to see it, a sort of Music Nerd Goes Tropical vacation getaway that gives hardworking Americana-type folks a nice boondoggle, and music fans with money to burn (i.e., music insiders or corporate CEOs who remember their misspent youth) the opportunity to see their heroes up close and personal.

I wish I could have been there. I would have paid good money to be there. But probably not enough to make it on the Cayamo Cruise.

Photo by Jim McKelvey. Sorry for stealing it. But it's a nice photo. Jim is apparently one lucky fellow, hopefully a music insider.

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Mary B. Grimm said...

I missed my chance to see Robert Plant and Buddy Miller (and others) together on stage in mid-February. I was sick and gave my ticket away to a friend so he could enjoy the concert with my husband and daughter. I doubt I'll have the chance again.