Monday, November 22, 2010

The Great CD Blowout Sale, Pt. 1

Over the weekend I tried to unload several thousand CDs via a sale at my house. To answer a question that came up frequently, no, I didn't list the CDs. This is because I'm not inclined to spend several weeks of my life typing out the names of CDs, prices, etc. You had to be there.

And being there was actually pretty fun. I had originally intended to set aside four hours of my Saturday to make this happen. The reality is that people continued to stop by all weekend. I sold about 600 CDs, and made some money. But the best part was interacting with the 50 or so people who stopped by, music fanatics one and all. It was like living the part of Rob Gordon in "High Fidelity," but without the attendant snarkiness.

A woman who runs an online business stopped by and wanted to buy the rest of the CDs. Aside from offering a ridiculously low price on the CDs, I didn't want to deal with her because she knows nothing, and cares nothing, about music. As ridiculous and pathetic as it probably sounds, I want these CDs to go to good homes. So I turned down her offer. I'll probably do Round 2 of the Great CD Blowout Sale on December 11th. You all are welcome to venture to central Ohio and participate. I'd love to see you.


woodsmeister said...

14 of those CDs went to my very good home. It was good to catch up with you on Saturday morning. Listening to Pistol City Holiness right now.

Andy Whitman said...

It was good to see you too, Greg. And I love "Pistol City Holiness." I've probably played that album as much as any album I "own" (technically, I guess I still do since it's on iTunes) over the past couple years.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I was definitely thinking that sounded like Rob Gordon. I would love to have been there.