Friday, August 17, 2007

Go, Kid, Go

Start with a plaintive nasal whine, a la Dylan, and end in an agonized howl, a la that raccoon you caught in the trap last summer. Pummel your guitar in the middle. Go, kid, go. Oh, how I love this album.

God is a middle aged woman
With planets for earrings
And international date lines
At the corners of her eyes
And she’s thinkin’ ‘bout remarriage
To a guy she recently met
And hasn’t even asked out on a date
Okay, to be perfectly honest
He’s never even spoken to her
He barely even knows she exists
But hey, God is really shy
She doesn’t like confrontation
And she’s not so young anymore

But oh God, won’t you just say hello?
Oh God, you can take it real slow

It’s been hard since Jeremy left her
And sometimes it seems so pointless
Like she’s unlovable
But I love her very much
I love the way she looks
And I just want her to be happy
I wish I could talk some sense
Into her troubled head
Full of beautiful grey hairs
But I am only human
But maybe that’s just it
Or maybe that’s just what she needs

Oh God, things are gonna be fine
Oh God, don’t lose your head over some stupid guy
Oh so beautiful on the patio at night
Oh so wonderful
How did I not see it before?
Oh God
Oh God
-- Ezra Furman, “God is a Middle Aged Woman”


Zena and Joshua said...

it just arrived today.

on first couple of listens my highlights; 'how long, diana', 'hotel room in casablanca' and my right now favorite song, 'i wanna be ignored.'

thanks andy!


Zena and Joshua said...

one more thing,

violent femmes. ezra is channeling him some femmes.


Brian Estabrook said...

Amazing album.

Still loving it.

Andy Whitman said...
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Andy Whitman said...

Zena, you're right, there's definitely some Femmes love there. Unlike the Dylan influences, which certainly seem calculated to me, I'm not sure if the Femmes channeling is due to imitation or the fact that, like Gordon Gano, Ezra Furman is too excited to actually bother about little things like singing in tune.