Sunday, June 24, 2007

Summer '07 Mix

I made a new mix CD for Erik. It's a random collection of songs from the first half of 2007. The common denominator? I like 'em all. It's fairly obscure stuff, but not intentionally so. These just happen to be the songs that have impressed me the most over the past few months. Every song here comes from the past six months with the exception of the Pentangle song, which was recorded in 1970. But since I just heard it on the recently released Pentangle box set, I'm going to declare it to be a contemporary track as well. There's a bit of an Ohio flavor, too, with tracks from local heroes (to me, at least) The Receiver and Son Lux.

What's here? Lots of indie rock. Some neo-soul (The Soul of John Black). A heavy metal song performed on three cellos (Rasputina). Some Nigerian jazz (Antibalas). Some electronica mixed with an operatic diva (Son Lux). Some stoner country rock (Blitzen Trapper). An ancient folk song (Pentangle). A Beach Boys song (Dave Alvin). And really, really loud, dirty guitars (just about everything else).

If anybody else wants a copy, let me know.

1. Wave Backwards to Massachusetts -- Hallelujah the Hills
2. Swamp Thang -- The Soul of John Black
3. Suffering Time -- Bottom of the Hudson
4. Let Me Get Your Coat --- Future Clouds and Radar
5. Dress Sharp, Play Well, Be Modest -- Devon Sproule
6. Beautiful Machine Parts 1 - 2 -- Apples in Stereo
7. Beautiful Machine Parts 3 - 4 -- Apples in Stereo
8. Parker's Mood -- Joe Henry
9. Little Lover's So Polite -- Silversun Pickups
10. Lord Franklin -- Pentangle
11. Untitled #9 -- Son Lux
12. Country Caravan -- Blitzen Trapper
13. Take Pills -- Panda Bear
14. Down in the Valley -- The Broken West
15. Draconian Crackdown -- Rasputina
16. In Tunnels -- The Receiver
17. Filibuster XXX -- Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra
18. Surfer Girl -- Dave Alvin


e said...

tasty, man! i appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Just noticed that you had better update your "about me" profile before your daughters start getting on your case. By my calculations, Katryn (she'll always be Emily to me) is now a junior, and Rachel has graduated and will soon be a freshman at Ohio U., thus joining a distinguished cast of characters that includes you and me and various family members (but not Kate).

Anonymous said...

hey andy:

i'd love a copy. i'll trade you one for my (in)famous 2-disc life of Jesus in unwitting indie gospel mixes from christmas 2005. my magnum opus.

email me via edwards [at) yale edu and lets make the guys in the little vans and blue shorts work for us.


SON LUX said...

i'm feelin the love. cheers, andy!