Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Star Wars References in Rock Music

And no, I'm not talking about a Han solo, either. I'm looking for authentic, arcane, certifiably nerdy references to all things Star Wars in rock 'n roll music. Here's my favorite. For some reason, it was never a hit, possibly because it doesn't have a singalong chorus. Or even a singer who can sing. But it's been a month or more since I've written about The Hold Steady. Too long. Why? Because they're the best rock 'n roll band in the world.

Pills and powders baby, powders and pills
We spent the night last night in Beverly Hills
There was this chick that looked like Beverly Sills
We got killed. Tights and skirts baby. Skirts and tights
We used to shake it up in Shaker Heights
There was this chick she looked like Patty Smythe
She seemed shaky but nice

She said my name's Rick Danko
But people call me one-hour photo
I got some hazardous chemicals
So drive around to the window
She said my name's Robbie Robertson
But people call me Robo.
I blew red white and blue right into a tissue
I came right over the counter just to kiss you

Ginger and Jack and four or five Feminax
Psycho eyes and a stovepipe hat
A ray of light in white rayon slacks
We got cracked. Shoes and socks baby. Socks and shoes
We spent the night last night in Newport News
This chick she looked just like Elizabeth Shue
We got bruised

She said my name's Steve Perry
But people call me Circuit City.
I'm so well connected
My UPC is dialed into the system
She said my name's Neil Schon
But some people call me Nina Simone
Some people call me Andre Cymone
I've survived the 80s one time already
And I don't recall them all that fondly

It was a blockbuster summer
Moving pictures helped us get through to September
They made a movie about me and you
It was half nude and half true
It was a bloodsucking summer
I spent half the time trying to get paid from our savior
Swishing though the city center
I did a couple favors for some guys
Who looked like Tuscan Raiders[1]
-- The Hold Steady, "The Swish"

[1] In the "Star Wars" movies, the nomadic, caftan-wearing inhabitants of Tatooine, the sandy planet that Luke Skywalker calls home in the original trilogy. They are not the most attractive creatures.


Anonymous said...

The very first line of The Supertones self-aggrandizing title track, Supertones Strike Back, on their sophomore release:

Just like Leia's father
You hit, we hit back harder

Anonymous said...

scroll down to "songs"

sorry if this shows up 3 times.

Anonymous said...

Joel said...

I know, this doesn't count, but my favorite Star Trek reference is in The Refreshments' "Banditos":

So give your ID card to the border guard
Your alias says your Captain Jean-Luc Picard
Of the United Federation of Planets
Cause they won't speak English any way