Thursday, June 28, 2007

Cruise with Emmylou and Andy Joe

I am not making this up:

Cruise through the Caribbean with Lyle Lovett and Emmylou Harris! Sixthman invites Paste readers to take advantage of a special pre-sale opportunity on this unique musical experience.
Cayamo: A Journey Through Song is the ultimate vacation for any passionate music fan. The six-day (Feb. 4-10, 2008) cruise also features Shawn Colvin, Patty Griffin, John Hiatt, Buddy Miller, Brandi Carlile, Edwin McCain, Shawn Mullins and more! This inaugural songwriters cruise aboard the luxurious Carnival Victory sails from Miami and stops in Cozumel, Cayman Islands and Jamaica. Cruise fare starts at $799 per person, based on double-occupancy.
Join Paste and Sixthman for a magical vacation. Visit and click BOOK NOW to learn more about getting on board before the public sale.

When it's time to book your trip, be sure to let Sixthman know that Paste referred you! You'll gain access to an exclusive onboard party with other Paste readers! We'll see you on the ship!


I need to get in on this racket. With that in mind, I announce the inaugural Banks of Ohio Cruise: A Journey in a Minivan with me, your host, Andrew J. Whitman, M.B.A. Banks of Ohio is the ideal vacation getaway for CPAs, loan officers, tellers, or fiduciary professionals of all types. The three-day (August 17-19, 2007) cruise is highlighted by:
  • Tour of Fifth Third National Bank Headquarters, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Panoramic roadside view of some of the taller King’s Island Amusement Park roller coasters, Mason, Ohio
  • Overnight stay at the historic (1968) but contemporary Knights Inn in Westerville, Ohio, only 12 miles from the heart of downtown Columbus, Ohio.
  • Tour of Huntington National Bank Headquarters, Columbus, Ohio
  • A stop at the Bucyrus Bratwurst Fest, where over 27 tons of open-fire roasted bratwurst are consumed in a two-day period
  • Scheduled restroom breaks
  • Overnight stay at the Holiday Inn, Parma, Ohio, a mere 13 miles from the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame
  • Tour of National City Bank Headquarters, Cleveland, Ohio
  • Tour of site where Cuyahoga River once caught on fire, with Randy Newman CD playing in the minivan
Cruise fares start at $399 per person (compare to Cayamo above), based on six-person van occupancy, seven if somebody doesn’t mind squeezing in between the third row of seats and the hatchback.

Visit to register now! And when you book your trip, be sure type in the special password “cheeto”. You'll gain access to exclusive onboard van snacks! I’ll see you in the minivan!


jackscrow said...

Can we, like, choose which songwriters we throw overboard and which ones we keep?

I bet Brandi goes first.

Would be a kinda folk version of AI, only with a little more final results.

The only thing I would hate about it, would be the choice between Lovette and Hiatt at the end....

Too bad Hiatt doesn't drink anymore. Would be fun listening and watching him hold down his end of the bar.

John McCollum said...

It's hard to imagine how some of these folksy angsty people will be able to muster real folksy angst on a luxury cruise, but it'd be fun to watch them try.

Andy Whitman said...

Yeah, there's something bizarrely incongruous about this. It reminds me of the blues festival I attended in Breckinridge, Colorado, at the base of a ski slope. All the crossroads stores featured aroma therapy and acupuncture, and the tarpaper shacks were pastel-colored condos.

Still, I'd go if I could. Maybe the money from the Banks of Ohio tour can help finance the Carribean cruise.

jackscrow said...

There would be hardly anything more likely to cause angst than being stuck on a cruise ship with a LOT of folks who just wanna buy you a drink and get an autograph.

Andy, mebbe if you have The Banks of Ohio tour, Hiatt can play "Crossing Muddy Waters" over and over and over....