Wednesday, December 05, 2007


It used to be that a "dude" was a guy. And only a guy. For instance, once upon a time it would have been appropriate to say, "Dude, Viagra can help that," but not "Dude, are you having your period?" As another example, everybody's favorite grammarians, Aerosmith, once wrote a song called "Dude Look Like a Lady." And this was noteworthy, and worth singing about and writhing on stage over, because most dudes did not.

But now, from what I can tell from my hipster/indie friends who are up on the latest slang, "dude" is a cross-gender noun meaning "person." When did this happen? And why? And what word has replaced the formerly serviceable "dude" to mean "generic male slacker"?


Anonymous said...


you're so behind the curve on this one. i'll say dude has been largely gender-non-specific since the mid-90s. probably since slacker got some indie buzz.



Anonymous said...

I don't know, but my ex-girlfriend's roommate was using it this way in 2000.

just scott said...

There is but one true "dude"...and I know that he hates The Eagles :)

Andy Whitman said...

Caleb dude, this is why I rely on young, hipster-like beings like you to set me striaght.

Scott, I'm inclined to agree that no true dude could like The Eagles.