Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Spencer Moore -- Hot New Talent

There is something to be said for delayed gratification. I've been thoroughly blown away by the eponymous album by Spencer Moore. In a year in which folks such as Ralph Stanley, Charlie Louvin and Porter Wagoner have taken the youngsters in cowboy hats to school (a one-room schoolhouse, no doubt), Moore fits right in with the educational theme. He's got an ancient, craggy voice that oozes more soul than any ten Nashville hats/aerobic dancers of your choice, and he sings blood-chilling mountain ballads like "The Lawson Family Murders" and "Little Rosewood Casket." Spencer played a tent show with the Carter Family back in the thirties, and Alan Lomax tracked him down with his field recorder in the late fifties, but this is the first album he's ever recorded. He is 88 years old.


Pilgrim said...

Thank you for motivating me learn a new word--eponymous. It must be part of your field of discourse lingo--because I've rarely seen it.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Andy - I've been tryin' to find more about him and his new CD; can you point me in a direction?
Thank you!

Andy Whitman said...

Julana, yeah, it's just a fancy term for "self-titled," but why say something clearly when you can use a high-falutin' four-syllable word, you know?

Muddy, here's a link to information about the album from Spencer's record label: