Tuesday, July 24, 2007

5-Star Albums of 2007?

Yeah, I know, I just wrote that there haven't been any.

But there is one. The problem is that you can't buy it because it doesn't even exist in any official form. It's the debut album from Son Lux. If/when Ryan Lott finds a label for it, it will be my album of the year. It's a dark, brooding, uplifting, soaring beautiful mess of electronica and Radiohead angst and Bible verses. It's Lectio Divina with a beat. In the same way that Lectio Divina focuses on a small portion of the Scriptures, and that portion unfolds in new ways as you encounter it over time and in different circumstances, so too Ryan's music cycles through a phrase, a sentence, repeated again and again as the music shifts and shimmers behind him. It's brilliant. You'll hear truth and beauty in a whole new way. You should buy it. When you can.


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rob vg-r said...

Yes, yes and yes! I completely agree, Andy.