Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Do They Know It's Christmas?

Nope. Not the poor, starving children in Africa. Not the movers and shakers in corporate America, either, where December 25th means it's almost the end of the year, and the end of the year means new budget allocations, and the chance to wrap up old projects before those new budgets go into effect. Remind me to breathe starting next week, which I'm hoping will be free of corporate American work. In the meantime, I'm chained to a computer keyboard for the duration of my waking hours.

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Karen said...

all that left over budget money gets spent in marketing. or at least a lot of it. enough that it makes this time of year the busiest time for randy and his company. lots of late nights. i guess it's a good thing? but i'd rather it be during a different time of year. seriously.
hang in there andy. you are not alone!