Monday, September 18, 2006

Paste #25

Paste #25 is now out, with moviemaker/movie star/TV star/Shins fan Zach Braff on the cover.

Those who care about virtual Andy Whitman sightings will find my lead review of Mindy Smith's latest album (Long Island Shores), a short review of the new Bruce Hornsby box set, and my back-page article on cosmic cowboy Gram Parsons. Those who care about physical Andy Whitman sightings can catch me at home most evenings this week, writing feverishly, mowing the lawn, helping my daughter with occasional homework requests, cooking dinner, washing the dishes, and, time permitting, trudging faithfully on the treadmill. Yes, Kate is working evenings most of this week.

For the virtual sightings, visit your friendly neighborhood Borders or Barnes and Noble Bookstore. For the physical sightings, call me at home, but give me advance warning so I can bathe first.

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