Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Pop Quiz

In the past seven days, more soldiers and civilians have died in:

a) Israel and Lebanon than in Iraq
b) Iraq than in Israel and Lebanon


Anonymous said...

Well, since unofficial counts have civilian deaths in Iraq averaging almost 100per day, I'd say "b", Andy.

But maybe we can add door number "c"(Darfur). You can't make it a good death count show, without a third door.

You can't say ethic cleansing doesn't count simply because neither side has missles.

You're not being fair though. Seven days is not a good measuring stick... give Israel and Lebanon time to catch up.

"Over here, over here. My eyes are shot, but my vision's clear." -- John Gorka

jasdye said...

yeah, i'm gonna go w/ everything jackscrow said up there.

news is what sells, though, andy.