Friday, April 21, 2006

New Maranatha! Maudlin Mopery Mix

I've made a new mix CD for a friend in Dallas, but you can get in on the action if you're interested. If you'd like a copy, just let me know.

1. A Nest of Stars – Iarla O Lionaird (6:28)
2. Two Hands of a Prayer – Ben Harper (7:50)
3. Leaders – Archer Prewitt (4:24)
4. Drunk Lullaby – Redbird (5:16)
5. Sets of Keys – Denison Witmer (3:27)
6. One Great City! -- The Weakerthans (2:54)
7. Outside the Door – Jay Farrar (3:56)
8. Shuffletown – Joe Henry (5:27)
9. Glenn Tipton -- Sun Kil Moon (4:16)
10. Papa Hobo -- Paul Simon (2:35)
11. This is Where -- Richard Buckner (3:46)
12. Factory Girl – Whiskeytown (4:50)
13. Heartbeats – Jose Gonzalez (2:40)
14. Yonder Voices – Mando Saenz (3:38)
15. Long Goodnight – Scott Miller (2:25)
16. Satellite Song -- Shane Nicholson (1:59)
17. Envelopes of Light -- Pierce Pettis (4:14)
18. Doxology – Kelly Joe Phelps (2:17)

It's all acoustic, starts with transparent beauty and prayer, ends with cautious hope and praise, and has a bunch of mopey whining in the middle. If you find a metaphor for my life there, you might be right. The songs alternate between fragile folkie picking and rumination and the gentler side of alt-country. It's all men, too. I don't know why. It might be an unconscious reaction to dealing with three women at home and having to put up with one too many chick flicks. But look, these are sensitive, nay, even wimpy guys on this mix, so it all shakes out just fine.


Anonymous said...

You totally ignored Cheryl Wheeler, and John Gorka.

Conventional folkies, maybe, but check out Gorka's "Land of the Bottom Line" or practically any love song Wheeler ever wrote.

Of course, Gorka doesn't have that "hopeless" side, but Wheeler definately does....

KarlandBethany said...


I'm 1 of 18 for artists I've heard on that disk. And I call my self a musician. |-(.

I might need some educating.


Brian Estabrook said...


teddy dellesky said...

me too.

Andy Whitman said...

Karl, Brian, and Teddy,

You guys are covered.

mg said...

i'd like one!

Andy Whitman said...

Mike, I'll try to make a copy when I get home so Kate can tote it over to you when she visits Sara later this evening.

Jon said...

Dang you for making me spend more money on iTunes.

daniel fox said...

lunch today (thursday)?

Unknown said...


If it's not at all too late I would love to get my hands on a copy of that seems the perfect melancholy soundtrack to my work counselling at risk kids...I love using to music to change the environment..."What the #$% is that," they'll say. "Oh, nuthin'" I'll respond. "Turn that song up. What's that?"

subtle is life

I appreciate all of the things that your little perspective farm has been planting and allowing us to cultivate recently...thanks Andy.

Brian DeWagner

Andy Whitman said...

waistdeep, and Bill from Germany, send an email message to whitmana (at) hotmail (dot) com, and include your snail mail addresses, and I'll send a CD off to you.