Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Paste Issue #18

You know, I think this is a pretty spiffy magazine. Have I ever mentioned that?

The current issue features a cover story on film director Cameron Crowe (Almost Famous, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Jerry Maguire), and follows Crowe around as he directs his latest movie Elizabethtown (Kirsten Dunst and the omnipresent Orlando "Legolas" Bloom). Crowe started writing for Rolling Stone Magazine when he was 15 years old, and interviewed folks like Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, and Paul McCartney. And speaking of Paul McCartney, there's also a lengthy interview with him in this issue as well. And stories about bands Sigur Ros, My Morning Jacket, and (the reunited) Big Star. And 100+ album reviews. And tons and tons of film reviews. And book reviews. And a great article called "Them's Fightin' Words: A Tour of American War Fiction." And, for what it's worth, six articles/reviews from me.

There's also a 21-song CD featuring rock, alternative rock, blues, folk, bluegrass, hip hop, and Shel Silverstein, however he might be categorized. Folks who have songs on the CD include My Morning Jacket, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Death Cab For Cutie, David Gray, Dungen, Broken Social Scene, North Mississippi Allstars, Leo Kottke, Blackalicious, Jose Gonzalez, Ozomatli, and Shemeika Copeland.

There's also a 4+ hour DVD featuring music videos from The Flaming Lips, Josh Rouse, Nickel Creek, OK Go, The Pixies, Kathleen Edwards, The Deathray Davies, Jamiroquai, Supergrass, New Order, Elbow, Dan Zanes, and yes, Emerson, Lake and Palmer (with infamous flying, rotating piano, no less). And a few more. And 8 short films, and 9 theatrical trailers of upcoming movies.

This issue's cover painting, by the way, was done by Joni Mitchell, probably best known for other things, but a fine artist too.

My name also appears in the masthead as "Senior Contributing Editor." That's a new thing, and a good thing. I am so blessed.


Andy Whitman said...

Hi, Josh. As far as I know, the issue is out now. I received my copy by mail a couple days ago. There might be a bit of a delay in terms of when the issue hits the magazine racks at the bookstores, but it shouldn't be more than one or two days, I wouldn't think.

Deb B. said...

I just got mine in the mail yesterday. I especially liked your article.


Brian Estabrook said...


Just picked up Paste..

Loving it, as usual.

You are an eloquent and passionate writer.

You have blessed me once again..