Friday, September 02, 2005


I'm tired. Work deadlines have contributed to a succession of 12-hour workdays this week. I've been dealing with crazy/sad decisions that some friends have made, decisions driven by brokenness and an inability to cope in healthy ways. No finger pointing intended, but it's a draining and sad time, and it takes its toll on one's emotional and spiritual wellbeing. On top of that, we're occasionally casting glimpses at the TV, where all I see is unremitting despair and gloom from New Orleans and vicinity. I pray. I write my checks. I try to be a friend. I try to get my work done. One thing I don't do is sleep much. I want to curl into a fetal position and declare a moratorium on life and its insistent and sometimes impossible demands. I'll be okay. It's just the normal stresses that come from living on a fallen planet. But some days all I can do is groan. Please excuse my groaning.

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Andy W. Anderson, Ph.D Candidate said...

Life in all its splendor, isn't that right? I have had a similar crisis in the last few days having no work and therefore lots of time to gaze at hurricane footage, and my own navel. I wish I could write checks that were substantial enough to get the relief work done... I was watching the news last night and seeing that various organizations are currently donating to the relief fund.
Major Leage Baseball, Basketball, Hockey and Football associations gave 1 million dollars each. No, not per team, per organization. Sigh... when they pay their players hundreds of times that amound per year, you'd think they'd be able to dig MUCH deeper.

Well, now I'm groaning as well, and bumping the board in my eye into the wall and into the people at the workstation next to me, I should probably go now before they ask me to leave... I'm supposed to be quiet in the computer lab.