Thursday, December 31, 2009

Holy Handouts

I know approximately 1,438 people who need money, not counting me. That's just in my immediate circle of friends. On an average day, I would estimate that I receive ten requests for money. Almost all of them are for good people and good causes. And I feel bad. I have no money to give. I need money myself.

I feel particularly bad when the people asking for handouts are friends, and the money they are asking for is to support causes that I very much want to support. This recession has been brutal on so many levels. It's not only about layoffs and reductions in services. It's also about good people who may not be able to continue doing good. But sometimes it's overwhelming. There are 8,752 mission trips, publications, orphan homes, homeless shelters, and homes for victims of sexual abuse out there. And a few more sisters, nieces, and nephews. I wish I could support them all. I really do. I can't, though.

Pundits can call it a jobless recovery if they like. It doesn't look like much of a recovery from where I sit.

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