Friday, October 09, 2009


Leave the moon alone. I like the moon. You don't need to crash your rockets into it, NASA. Really you don't. And who cares if there is water on the moon? Instead of treating our ghostly neighbor as the epidermis for a hypodermic needle, why don't we invest in clean, drinkable water for the one-third of our own planet that can't slake its thirst without the threat of typhoid or malaria?

So here's a playlist dedicated to water. Water is our friend. Especially when people can drink it.

Dirty Water -- The Standells
I Asked for Water (She Gave Me Gasoline) -- Howlin' Wolf
Living Waters -- Silver Jews
Wade in the Water -- Mavis Staples
Underwater Moonlight -- The Soft Boys
Water -- P.J. Harvey
Don't Ask for the Water -- Ryan Adams
High Water Everywhere -- Charlie Patton
Oily Water -- Blur
Trouble Waters -- Cat Power
Dust and Water -- Antony and the Johnsons
Gone Like the Water -- Freedy Johnston
Moses Smote the Water -- John Lee Hooker
God Moves on the Water -- Blind Willie Johnson


Brother-in-law Bill said...

Ramsey Lewis had a great recording of Wade in the Water as well. Saw him perform it live a few years ago. Today's word verification is "ramsi." Go figure.

keith said...

"I Dreamed There Was a Fountain" by John Mark McMillan is on my list.

Pilgrim said...

I can't figure out why they can't spend that space budget on food and health care.