Saturday, March 10, 2007

Pullhair Rubeye

It was bound to happen. You give some kid the technology and the drugs, and eventually he's going to release an album that is recorded backwards, every lysergic second of an interminable 32 minutes.

That's what Animal Collective singer/songwriter Avey Tare and wife Kria Brekken have done on Pullhair Rubeye. As if song titles like "Lay Lay Off, Faselam" weren't inscrutable enough, Avey and Kria have fun speeding it up, slowing it down, putting it through a sonic blender, and then playing it all in reverse. And it all comes out as something like "Ishneh kooooshi elnaaaah aywaaaaah." It could be Hopi, but instead it's hopeless.

I remember the sixties, sort of, and I remember John and Yoko. So what do you do with a "groundbreaking" avant-garde concept that was a bad idea forty years ago? I say lay, lay off, Avey and Kria. Number nine, number nine ...


Unknown said...


Just grabbed a quick glance at this month's PASTE (Norah Jones) and I observed that you no longer hold the backpage? I haven't perused the whole issue yet but what gives? Did you permanently lose that spot? I loved you in that was the first thing that I flipped to each month.

What's up?


Andy Whitman said...

Brian, I'm no longer on the back page, but I'm still there. I think I'm somewhere in the middle, maybe slightly closer to the front, and as far as I know that's where I'll be except for one month per year. Because of page-limit constraints and a need for more ad space, all of the regular Paste columns will rotate off one month per year. I think my month off is coming up in April. But I'll be back in May. And I still have a few reviews in the April issue.