Saturday, June 17, 2006

Tracking Comments in Blogger

Someone named Mark! (love that exclamation point!) sent me the following comment in email: "I've always loved them."

Now, this is all well and good, and I like to share the love whenever I can, but honestly, I have no clue as to the object of Mark(!)'s love. To quote the great bluesman/early rocker Bo Diddley, who do you love? I've now written hundreds of blog posts about all kinds of subjects, and the possibilities are almost endless -- Sigur Ros? Julie Andrews? My family? (back off, Mark!). He apparently left a comment somewhere on my blog, and hotmail dutifully forwarded it to me.

So my question is this: is there some sort of blogger add-on that will allow me to identify a particular blog post when someone adds a comment to it? That would be very helpful in this case, and would possibly eliminate the feelings of jealousy and hostility that I'm currently experiencing toward Mark!


Anonymous said...

mommy zabs said...

when i get a comment there is always a highlighted word (i think mine is mommyzabs) i click it and it takes me to the exact post.... does your email show you html??? maybe if it doesn't you can't see the link. ?

Andy Whitman said...

Pure genius, Elizabeth. Either that, or amazing thick-headedness on my part.

But you're absolutely right. Clicking on the name of my blog in the comment that Mark! left takes me right to the post on which he commented.

Turns out that Mark! has always loved The Weakerthans. Hey, me too.

Thanks. This newfangled technology still gets the best of me sometimes. I hear that Internet thing is on computers now.

mark said...

This is weird for me to read.


Andy Whitman said...

Mark, don't mind me. I'm just playin'. I appreciate your comments, and feel free to comment any time.

mark said...

I will. Your blog is greeeeeeeeeeeat.