Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Paste Magazine and the Village Voice

For those of you who care about such things, there is a new issue of Paste Magazine out today. It features a fine cover story on actor Philip Seymour Hoffman (Capote), lengthy features on Patti Smith and The Avett Brothers, and the annual roundup of the best albums, films, and books of 2005. Guess who got the #1 album? Let the moaning commence. Ready. Set. Go.

There are the usual 100+ album, film, and book reviews, about a half dozen of which are mine, and my regular back-page column, which has now been dubbed "Listening to My Life."

Can I just say that I love this magazine? Yes, I'm biased. But I'm also a fan.

And rumor has it, although I haven't yet seen it, that I'm in the current issue of The Village Voice, adding my $.02 to the contentious chorus of music critics in their annual Pazz and Jop Poll.


mg said...

i got my issue yesterday. the #1 spot was no surprise, esp since you mentioned he'd have it a few weeks ago. so, no moaning here. on the plus side the list has caused me to reserve some of the other top picks from the library in order to give them a good solid listen.

(i am surprised that over the rhine beat out coldplay in the top 50. that doesn't seem quite right to me.)

and the films page was interesting...there were so many i had never even heard of.

i do like paste as well though...

Anonymous said...


does this mean that your 15 minutes of fame are just beginning? I appreciate your work and hope that more people recognize you and paste for being on the cutting edge.

i was thinking of you the other day when i read an article about technology. essentially, the people on the cutting edge in 2050 might actually know more about the pre-80's world than the post 80's. the irony is that as protocols for disc storage and file formats might not be able to recognize, open or decrypt all the electronic info that has been accumulated since info went digital. so, your paste magazine printed work could be valuable than to furture generations than computer stuff.


Andy Whitman said...

Matt, I think the 15 minutes of fame thing dates back to the '60s and Andy Warhol. It was a slower, gentler time. Now, given inflation, the proliferation of media, and our ADD culture, fame typically lasts about 1.5 minutes. Given the current trends, scientists[1] predict that by 2020, fame will last only 1.5 seconds, almost but not quite long enough to say someone's name.

It's a good thing I actually like what I do.

[1] They're scientists, man. They don't need any other credentials.

Jon said...

Is there really not a DVD included with this one? The cover photo on the website mentions only the CD.

Andy Whitman said...

Jon, your observations/fears are correct. There's no DVD in this issue. Don't ask me why. I don't know.

Current Word Verification: ciagi. It sounds vaguely Italian.

John McCollum said...

Moaning? About what?

Current verification word: oowdub. It refers to the process of adding non-verbal, background vocals to a song.

Andy Whitman said...

You're a good man, Fred. That makes me really happy to read that. Seriously.

Mark said...
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Mark said...

Hmmm... according to the village voice the important andy whitman lives in decatur georgia. Maybe it's a different andy whitman's fame who just started. :-)

At least one of andy's comments can be found if you scroll down the page of

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