Thursday, July 14, 2005

Paste Magazine News

Paste is growing like my lawn in the midst of daily thundershowers and 90 degree temperatures. Very fast. Fortunately, I don't have to mow Paste.

-- The printing order for the next issue (#17 with Death Cab for Cutie on the cover, out in a couple weeks) is 225,000 copies. Compare to 20,000 copies for Issue #1 three years ago. This is fabulous news. In addition to a 20 - 22 song CD with each issue, Paste is now including a DVD sampler in all copies of the magazine (previously only available to subscribers, so you were out of luck if you bought the magazine over the counter) and this issue's DVD includes videos from Postal Service, Paul McCartney, My Morning Jacket, Lucinda Williams, Son Volt, Death Cab for Cutie, Public Enemy, INXS, Iggy Pop, Bonnie Raitt, Beulah and more.

-- The Chicago Tribune, The New York Post, and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution have all run feature articles on and said nice things about Paste in the last couple months.

-- Paste Picks, where Paste editors Josh Jackson and Nick Purdy pontificate about their favorite new music, is now a weekly feature on CNN, 1:54 p.m. every Tuesday. Yes, you should take off work.

-- The first Paste podcast is a week from Monday, July 25th. The Paste Magazine Culture Club will be a weekly podcast with interviews with musicians, filmmakers and authors, audio essays and more. Those of you who are interested will now not only be able to read my words, but also hear my mellifluous tones every week. :-)


John McCollum said...

So this means they're going to be paying you more?

Anonymous said...

Rock N Roll Hoochie Coo!

Andy Whitman said...

That too. It's a nice side benefit, but honestly the other stuff thrills me more. Actually, I've perhaps foolishly told them that I'd do what I do for free because I love it so much. I really would. So far they haven't taken me up on my offer,
though. :-)

Anonymous said...

Tell them it was your evil twin talking. And the next time your evil twin talks like that they should walk away quickly and never listen to the foolish driblets that come out of your evil twin's mouth.
Just an idea.

Anonymous said...

So how does one get this podcast. Will there be a link somewhere??? I am relatively illiterate when it comes to all this downloading stuff. Will it be available in Itunes???