Friday, April 29, 2005

Darth Vader, Blogger

Yes, the Dark Lord has entered the blog-o-sphere:

This is truly wonderful stuff. Some of the comments on the Dark Lord's postings are equally great. Here are two of my favorites:


Mojobo Unfufu said...

Dear Sir,

My name is Mojobo Unfufu, and I am an exiled leader from the planet Smogo. When the Empire took complete control of the planet, I was forced to flee with my family.

We did not have time to take our money and the treasure of Smogo out with us. However, secret operatives on the planet have kept it safe from Imperial eyes.

As the treasure is being liquidated and moved off of Smogo, we need people to help us launder the money. If you would help us out, that would be great. You pay a one time transaction fee of $4000 and we will wire you ten million credits. You get to keep one million for your troubles.

Please send all your personal information to We will arrange a meeting on an outer rim world.


Joseph said...

Darth Vader,
Sith Lord Flagship Executor
c/o Imperial Navy

Lord Vader,

Thank you so much for your thoughtful feedback on our latest capital assault line, the AT-AT walkers. Although we try to consider every combat scenario, our design team must admit that low-altitude aerobatics with tow cables really caught us off-guard. You bring up a more substantive point, though: the legs. Mechanical legs are a weakness in any design. We blast-shielded them, reinforced them, and made them very stable, but in the end, legs can get tangled, stuck, or Vorm Rat-tied, as you put it.

As a result of your brilliant suggestions, we are redesigning the new AT-AT capital assault systems based on hover technology, subsequent to some recent corporate acquisitions from the Trade Federation. In an effort to foster goodwill between us, we humbly offer the first production run to you, gratis.

As promised, the original design team for the AT-AT present-day have been transported to your command ship, along with their next of kin. They are all very pleased to be considered worthy of your personal audience, and look forward to working on that "personal project" you mentioned.

Keep in touch,

Movii Ykesso
AT Industries & Design
Coulomb's Drift

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mg said...

i've read several of these. i am impressed with how much creativity was involved in them.

very cool.

i will definitely read it every day...